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Healing Sound

Everyone experiences difficulty and times of distress in life.  Music has always been an integral part in helping me through those times.  The idea of using sound to affect the physical body has been widely recognized. Music Therapy is considered both an art and a science; where music and all of its facets—physical, emotional, mental, social, aesthetic, and spiritual help patients improve or maintain their health.

When I want to affect the physical body through music I first take the time to consider my intentions.  I ask myself what emotion do I want to evoke in a given piece.  My ability to answer that question will better help me to facilitate that sound.  If my intention is to bring healing to the physical body I must first focus on the feelings of being healed, then I release that sound; whatever that sound may be from my soul.  This is the epitome of the mind/body connection. This is ever increased when you add to it the spiritual aspect; where you allow yourself to be still and become aware of what God is saying to you about your healing. In him, we have access to a sound that restores.

That restorative sound covers the whole person. It is my belief that we all have the ability to release Gods intention through sound.

Tiran Styles

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The Healing Power of Music

World Spirit Soul Singer

Music at its core is simply sound that vibrates with rhythmic repetition. When sound comes into contact with a listeners ear it has the ability to affect the vibration of the listener. This is why it is so important to be selective about what you listen to. All sound affects your vibration, whether it be a conversation, a car horn, an airplane flying overhead, but it is especially true for music. For the most part, the message in music is hidden in the midst of the sound; Never the less the subconscious is receiving the message. With this understanding, you can use music as a healing agent, one that is able to affect what you think about, how you feel, and your perspective. You can input positive messages into the sub conscience through the intentional use of sound.

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Merry Christmas

Tiran A
At this holiday season remember to give love a voice. Love can transform the world!
Many Blessings,
Tiran Styles

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Musical Inspiration

The root word for music is muse; meaning to cogitate or ponder. Whether you believe it or not music directly affects the way we feel. It can inspire us toward the positive or the negative. I think of music, as a soft suggestion; one you may not realize is being received by the subconscious. When you take into account what you hope to gain by listening to any particular piece of music, the intention and or message we are sent through that music is an important thing to consider.

Be aware of mood and lyrical content when choosing music with the intention to attain Healing, Peace, Joy, Tranquility etc. The Bible says faith comes by hearing; That being said I pose this question… What are you listening to?

Tiran Styles

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Pure Channel

Allowing yourself to be a pure channel so that the sound expressed is clear, and able to penetrate; effecting the atmosphere around you.

I feel that one of the best ways to achieve this is to tap into the purest part of ones self.  In essence the part of you that remains untouched by the cares of living.  I call this place Innocence.  I believe this is the place from which such genius like Michael Jackson created from; saying that,

I feel in order to create from this pure place you must maintain and or cultivate a level of innocence and contend to maintain that innocence.



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Soul Song Expression

In Order to express the voice of your soul you must be willing to express every vocalization that comes to heart.  Be willing to release all inhibition, and simply express as it comes to you.  In effect using the voice as a pure instrument of expression, no pretense or forethought; essentially expressing your heart through song.